Suncooler Industrial

Bootzeil has developed the Suncooler for skylights, skylights and skylights. Skylights bring light into the workshop, warehouse or home. In addition to light, a lot of heat comes in from the sun. In summer this can lead to very high temperatures on the work floor, resulting in lower productivity. The Suncooler offers a very fast and effective solution for this. The cloth is snow white and therefore reflects a lot of sunlight, but also allows daylight into the living or working space. The Suncooler retains 70-80% of the light output and provides 60-70% heat reduction. This is because in addition to the light reflection, part of the infrared light (radiant heat) is also absorbed by the Suncooler before it can heat up the skylights and pass the radiant heat inside. Heat once under the dome will quickly spread through the room and be difficult to get out again. The result is often that air conditioning is set higher, ultimately resulting in a higher energy bill. You emotionally go from 'way too warm' to a 'very pleasant' effect. The profit is very large. Most skylights are made of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate.

The Suncooler protects against the roof light becoming dull due to UV radiation and also against hail damage. We have a huge number of standard sizes, but we also make the Suncooler tailor-made for you. No size is too crazy for us. We tackle domes of 90 meters long by 3 meters wide with both hands. The Suncooler is easy to install and requires little maintenance. It lasts for years and is storm proof.

The advantages of the Suncooler at a glance:

  • Heat reduction 60-70%
  • Less cooling costs Staff satisfaction
  • Lets 70-80% of the light through Easy installation.
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Protected against hail and storm damage
  • Same quality every year, lasts for years.

Are you interested in the Suncooler but are you looking for larger sizes, larger quantities and/or more service? Please send an email to [email protected] and we will contact you to find a suitable solution together.