Sun Cooler. Durable sun protection for skylights


In the field of sustainability there is now a remarkable innovation: SunCooler. A special sun protection for skylights. In the summer, the sun shining through roof windows causes a huge increase in the temperature on the work floor, in the house or in the office. The result: rooms that are too hot, air conditioners on the highest setting and no pleasant living or working climate. SunCooler offers the ideal solution. The air conditioning can be lowered and the temperature drops considerably in rooms without air conditioning. With our SunCoolers you create a more pleasant living and working climate and you save a lot on your energy costs.


Pleasant temperature, lower costs

SunCoolers are made of high-quality white cloth with reflective properties. The fabrics are stretched over the skylights and reflect the sunlight and absorb the heat before it enters your space. On sunny days this results in a heat reduction of about 60-70%! This ensures pleasant temperatures, saves a lot on the energy costs of the air conditioner and also drastically reduces CO2 emissions. Another nice feature: bright sunlight is transmitted by SunCooler for about 60-70% and diffused. So the room remains light.


SunCooler is available in all sizes and easy to install

The SunCooler can be used on all sizes of skylights and is easy to install on the outside of the skylight. The SunCooler standard sizes are available directly from stock. You can also order a custom SunCooler for more specific dimensions. At the edges, the fabric is equipped with clamps and elastic with which the SunCooler can easily be stretched over the dome. Simple, sturdy and efficient. Taking it off is just as quick.