Suncooler -Skylight square - custom made

suncooler lichtstraat op maat

Are you looking for a solution for the heat in your home or office? SunCooler sun protection for your flat skylight offers you the opportunity to prevent heat in your home or office.

This type of sun protection for flat, sloping or roof-shaped skylights can be custom-made especially for you. It is the most efficient, simple and also sustainable solution against heat indoors.

We would like to receive the clear dimensions of the window, so that we can produce the product custom made. Measure the daylight size in length and width by measuring the inside size of your window.

You do not need to drill or screw to fix the sun protection in front of the flat window. You will receive the SunCooler with maritime elastic and from a length of 1.40 meters you can choose mounting hooks. The type of hook depends on the thickness of the border.

hook suncooler