Suncooler -Skylight square standard measurements

On this page you will find all standard sizes of SunCoolers that can be ordered from Bootzeil for skylights.




Shading dimensions for square skylights.

Skylights are available in many different sizes. In our range, we have taken the SunCoolers into production as standard for the most common domes. These SunCoolers are extremely suitable for providing your roof dome with sun protection and thus significantly reducing heat.

A few tips when choosing the right size for your new SunCooler awning are:

  • Measure the daylight size of your dome or skylight on the outside of the window. You can also check the film.
  • In order for a SunCooler to work to the maximum, the SunCooler must cover 90-100% of the dome. Exact fit is not necessary, you can keep a margin of 10 cm more or less.

Suncooler dome measurement

Hooks for the bigger Suncoolers

haken suncooler