Cover for lifeboat

Boat cover for your lifeboat or large sloop: Pure Dutch Design
The sloop sail for your lifeboat is the most famous product of Bootzeil, from which our company derives its name. We have continuously developed the boat cover. We only use high-quality material. All sloop sails are made manually in our workshop in Haarlem. You are therefore assured of Dutch top quality, in terms of materials and also craftsmanship.

Perfect drainage thanks to an ingenious frame
Our latest model has perfect drainage thanks to the ingenious frame. So no more water bags in your tarpaulin. Bootzeil uses light, sturdy and adjustable aluminum tubes of German quality. The rubber foot on the underside ensures that the frame absorbs shocks and stays in place. Sleeves are attached to the inside of the cover where the sticks can be placed. The poles are connected to the sail and you do not have to mount a separate frame every time. Our fastening system with the so-called monkey clips is a good example of this. With our products we want to ensure that your boat remains in top condition.

Easy installation
The sloop sails have evolved in such a way that they can be installed by yourself in no time at all. Watch the instructional video here.

For all types of sloops and open boats
Basically, the sloop sail from Bootzeil is universal for all lifeboats and large sloops. A small cabin is also no problem. You can then easily roll up to fabric to the exact desired size. You can use various mounting options for this. This way you get a model that is fully adjusted to the contours of your specific boat.