Cover shade cloth harmonica from 3 meters

We have the perfect solution for storing your harmonica out of season: the harmonica protective cover.

This cover is specially designed to keep your harmonica safe and dry when not in use. Our protective cover is easy to apply and remove. To store your harmonica, remove the force clips from the cloth and simply pull the cover over it. If there is no space to place the harmonica, you can hang the cover on the eye plates with the supplied carabiners.

When you want to use the harmonica again, simply remove it from the cover and reattach the cloth to the force clips. The protective cover is available in black and suitable for all our harmonicas. Our covers are custom made in our workshop.

To place your order, we need the following information: The width of your harmonica

You can find this size on the order or invoice of your Bootzeil harmonica or by measuring.