Shade Harmonica Ibiza - limited edition



Extandable shades

With the name Harmonica Ibiza Bootzeil developed a series qualitative high standard shades for pergola’s. We use the best quality fabrics, available in several colours.

You can easily determine the size of your sunscreen with a harmonica. Also it is easy to install.  

Qualitative high quality fabric with UV protection. Also available in waterproof fabric. 

The harmonica shades are available in "Mesh Performance" and Lightyear, both in various colours. The lightyear fabric is rain-resistant, so you can stay outside longer even in a light shower. The production of the harmonica cloths takes place in Haarlem. The blinds are handmade with Dutch quality and service.

You can choose from Mesh Performance shade cloth (230 g/m2 woven PE), first-class quality PE shade cloth or our Lightyear material (250 g/m2 Polyester Acrylic coating) with an anti-UV effect, water-repellent and mold-resistant. This way you choose exactly the desired effect and you create a stylish and cozy place in the garden.


Two versions: standard sizes and custom made. 

Bootzeil offers shades for harmonica in two options. standard sizes and custom-made. Harmonica in standard sizes are ordered below. Custom made here.


To choose the right length for you Harmonica: 

  • Make sure that the fabric is between 5-10 cm narrower than the inner size of the pergola.
  • For the length of the fabric, take into account the desired tension. Are you whitening your shade cloth Tight or less tight? Please indicate this in the comments so that we can take this into account.


With the harmonica fabric in Mesh and in Lightyear, the strips between the ribs are 60 cm. Depending on the length of your pergola, the fabric hangs tighter or less tight. So keep this in mind when ordering. When folded, the height of the cloth is 35 centimeters below the tension wire.


Bootzeil advises to remove the Ibiza harmonica in winter or during storm. You can also order a  protection cover for you Harmonica.